Reconstruction of a destroyed service station building in Irpin.
Before the massive Russian invasion, the owner had completed repairs to the service station and purchased new lifts and other equipment for the bays.
During the hostilities, the building was heavily damaged by two mines. The second floor and almost the entire first floor burned down, and only one box was saved. An expert assessment was carried out to determine the extent of the damage and to determine the amount of compensation to be paid. While the owner is waiting for the payment, the building’s frame is exposed to precipitation, and since the walls are made of brick, it was decided to build a roof and cover the building to prevent further destruction. All frame parts that could not be restored were removed. Also, taking into account the loss of load-bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete round-hollow floor slabs, they were dismantled and a new monolithic belt was made around the perimeter of the walls.
The new roof frame is made of wooden trusses from Pragma.
The maximum span in this project is 13 metres wide.
The span of the truss on the second floor is 12m.
The total roof area is 908m