Wooden rafter trusses. Rafter System.

A rafter truss is a load-bearing system of a pitched roof. It consists of the chords (upper and lower), vertical struts and struts. Its main purpose – to withstand the considerable weight of the roof, wind loads, rainfall, melt water, winter precipitation. At the same time the structure must distribute the total load on the bearing walls, not pressing them with excessive force. Consequently, the rafter system should be characterized on the one hand with stability and reliability, on the other – lightness.

The rafter truss system in the Mitek technology

In order to combine these two objectives the Mitek technology was developed. With its help it is possible to construct roofs with a reliable timber frame, as well as any other structures made of wood.

Prerequisites for the Mitek technology

The idea of quickly erecting wooden houses with minimal costs first appeared in America. Inventive engineers who proposed the best developments allowing economical use of materials received world-wide recognition and became millionaires in the shortest period of time. Prominent among them were Walter Mellenpach (inventor of the hydraulic press for wood building materials) and John Jureit (inventor of metal fasteners).

In 1985 they merged their companies, creating a powerful corporation with amazing synergy that became the world leader in its industry. One of the main areas of production are wooden trusses. In 2008, the company Mitek opened a branch office in Europe. Thus the technology came to Ukraine.

What is Mitek technology

Mitek technology is a comprehensive approach to the manufacture and construction of any wooden structures, consisting of 3 components:

  • design of the object with the help of software;
  • manufacturing wooden parts with the help of specialized equipment;
  • reliable connection of structural elements with the help of metal toothed plates.

Advantages of the new technology

Metal toothed plates for truss connection

Wooden rafter trusses with a span of 16 m

Trusses with a span of 10 m

Modern technologies make it possible to produce roof trusses industrially within a minimum time frame. Thanks to them the process of assembling the roof frame takes hours as it is reduced to two components: trusses installation and their fastening (taking into account spatial expansion).

Fabrication of rafter trusses

Additional advantages of rafter trusses created on the basis of Mitek:

  • the ability to create structures of any desired shape: single, double, hip, mansard, arched, multi-pinch, dome and others;
  • the installation of a rafter system for a small object is performed without a crane, which saves money on the rental equipment;
  • the rafter construction on the MTP can be used in a variety of industries: for civil, industrial, agricultural construction, cottages, superstructure mansard floors or construction of apartment buildings;
  • the design of the rafter system is so reliable that it allows leaving a span of up to 30 m between the beams without intermediate supports;
  • the high-quality characteristics of structures allow to guarantee a long service life – 50 years.

Assembling the rafter system of a pig house

Assembling the rafter system of a detached house

Does the Mitek technology have disadvantages?

A rafter system made in accordance with the instructions using the recommended materials has no disadvantages. The main problem of customers can only be an unscrupulous company that violates the technology.

The key to quality products:
  • professional design;
  • use of high-quality wood (the company “Pragma” uses pine of the 1st grade, humidity 18-20%);
  • manufacturing of metal plates only by original technology (otherwise their calculation will be incorrect); use of certified MTP, made according to the requirements of American technology MITEK;
  • perfectly matched nodes truss systems (the experience of our craftsmen allow us to perform this task with the highest quality).

Roof rafter systems for curved roofs