Structures for agricultural buildings

The agricultural sector of the economy is gaining momentum from year to year, and is becoming the basis of Ukrainian exports. And as any development leads to an increase in production capacity, which is implemented in new construction and expansion of existing buildings. That is why Pragma pays special attention to the agricultural segment of construction.

Taking into account many years of experience in the market in such areas as design and production of wooden structures for pigsties, cowsheds, poultry houses, sheep houses and stables, we can confidently say that Pragma wooden structures with Mitek technology are ideal for construction and reconstruction.

Why is it so?

  • Our wooden trusses allow to cover spans up to 30m without intermediate supports;
  • Wooden trusses are 1.5 times cheaper than metal ones;
  • Roof insulation is 2 times cheaper compared to sandwich panels;
  • No corrosion from ammonia fumes;
  • Less weight – easier installation;
  • Aesthetic appeal and comfort.

We love and know how to work with Ukrainian farmers. You can see our experience in the “Agriculture” gallery.

We value the time of our customers and therefore we go to the object for free for measurements and consultations on the application in the construction or reconstruction of agricultural buildings.

We know how important it is to have accurate prices from suppliers in time when planning construction costs, so we provide an offer with a fixed price in UAH based on the exact calculation of your object, and we do it within 1 week from the date of application.

Order a calculation from us and make sure of our professional approach.