Wooden frames for the implementation of architectural ideas

MiTek wooden trusses can take a variety of forms in space

We help to create unusual structures.

Clear implementation without surprises

We design and model in the modern Pamir software package, so the frame is assembled precisely according to the drawings without errors, mistakes, and deviations from the project. The model that the customer sees at the stage of signing the contract will be 100% consistent with the real structures on the site.

We facilitate the work of architects

We calculate the bearing capacity of structures. Our planes always coincide, and the elements fit together.

We are responsible for the result

All structures are designed for a 50-year service life in accordance with the State Building Standards. High-quality materials and fasteners are the key to durability. We provide a legal guarantee of 10 years, and we fix in the contract your right to reimbursement or replacement of structures in case of warranty obligations.

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Examples of our work: