Wooden structures for reconstruction of buildings

We manufacture wooden trusses in our own production – structures that can be used to restore the roof of buildings. Reconstruction with the help of trusses can be carried out wherever sufficient bearing capacity of the walls is preserved.

Such frames can be used in:

  • private houses;
  • industrial buildings;
  • agricultural buildings;
  • long-span structures.

Reconstruction of roofs on residential buildings.

The main problems that arise during the reconstruction of residential roofs are

  • insufficient number of supporting walls for the construction of an attic or non-residential attic space;
  • inability to resettle residents for the period of construction works;
  • risks of getting wet (rain, snow) during the construction works;
  • unwillingness to worsen the quality of life for the period of construction works.

We have encountered all of the above problems in our practice, and we offer a solution that will minimize inconvenience, speed up the construction process and achieve the goal of reconstruction of housing facilities.

Superstructure on a residential building. Roof reconstruction.

Superstructure on an apartment building.

Roof replacement – there is a solution!

The solution is ready-to-assemble wooden trusses from Pragma company using Mitek technology. The use of trusses will reduce by several times the time of installation of a new roof, reduce the risk of wetting of living quarters, and will allow to get additional areas suitable for housing or other needs.

The effect of accelerating the reconstruction is achieved by the fact that the time for the installation of a new truss system goes from the construction site to the production shop. Trusses are manufactured at the factory and delivered ready for installation to the construction site. For example, the frame of a gable roof with an area of 200m² is assembled in 1 day, and the next day it is already covered with a hydraulic barrier. Thus, in 3-4 days you can dismantle the old roof and install a new frame with a hydraulic barrier!

Given the good weather forecast, the risks of soaking are minimal. Thus, the use of Pragma trusses allows you to achieve your goals:

  • new roof;
  • expansion of the exploited area;
  • reconstruction without resettlement;
  • fast installation;
  • excellent quality.

Roof reconstruction for industrial and agricultural buildings.

Now let’s return to the reconstruction of industrial and agricultural roofs. In this area our company usually faced the following tasks:

  • Replacing an old flat roof with a pitched roof;
  • Arrangement of a new roof with a larger span and with support on the outer walls without the use of old intermediate supports (columns, racks);
  • Expansion of existing areas by extension or superstructure.

Reconstruction of the landing stage for the floating terrace of the restaurant.

Reconstruction of an old building for a restaurant.

Roofing from roofing material. How to replace it?

A very common problem for Ukraine is an old roof made of roofing felt, which requires constant costs for maintenance, and major repairs in this case is a very expensive pleasure, because it requires complete dismantling to the floor slabs and the installation of a new “pie” with insulation, reinforced screed and a new coating of euro roofing felt. In general, it is long and expensive. The best solution in this case is to arrange a roof with slopes (pitched).

We suggest using Pragma wooden trusses with Mitek technology. The weight of the new structure is not significant and allows its installation without strengthening the foundations. Reliability and service life of the sloping roof significantly exceeds the parameters of flat roofs: the risks of soaking during the period of work are reduced, since the old roofing felt coating remains in place by 95%.

Poultry house before reconstruction. Reconstruction of an old cowshed into a poultry house.

Construction of the poultry house. Roof frame in the design position.

By the way, this solution is well suited for old Soviet 5-storey residential buildings “Khrushchev”, where residents are forced to constantly repair the roof for their own money.

Another common task for our company is to increase the operating area of the enterprise by adding an extension or superstructure to the existing enterprise. In this case, the key factors of reconstruction are:

  • Cost;
  • Speed;
  • Preservation of the enterprise’s working capacity during the period of work.

Reconstruction of the pigsty with the expansion of the building area.

The final stage of the pigsty reconstruction. Finishing works.

Pragma wooden structures allow you to successfully cope with the task:

  • Low dead weight;
  • Simple foundations, or minimal reinforcement costs;
  • Fast installation;
  • Cheap insulation of new areas;
  • Excellent quality of structures and design solutions from PRAGMA.

Examples of our works: