Wooden structures using Mitek technology from the Ukrainian manufacturer Pragma are:

  • Roof trusses;
  • Floor trusses with wooden struts;
  • Floor trusses with 3 struts made of posi-elements;
  • Free-form wooden frames with metal plate joints.

The essence of each structure is professional design using the Mitek software package. Equipment and connecting elements are also integral components of the production of wooden structures using this technology.

Roof trusses For more information on this type of structure, click here. In short, these are roofing structures made of wood to form the roof body. They can be used for a wide variety of roof types, ranging from primitive pitched roofs for country houses to complex domes for churches. A special feature of the technology is the ability to arrange a roof over a space over 20m wide. Mitek wooden structures can also be used to create a flat roof.

Floor trusses are used to construct floors between floors in cottages or small apartment buildings. The space between the braces is convenient for utilities. Both types of trusses are described in detail in a separate article here. Trusses with wooden braces look like conventional trusses with parallel belts, the only difference is the location of the upper and lower belt boards, which are pressed with the wider side up.

Wooden frames on Mitek plates can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, our colleagues from Poland, the Wiązary Burkietowicz company, have completed a project for a sports ground with an obstacle course in Mitek structures.
Or to create formwork for unique reinforced concrete structures. By the way, we have a separate article about formwork frames using Mitek technology, which you can read by following the link.

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