Formwork for complex structures.

Formwork using MiTek technology – unusual application possibilities

The production of foundations and reinforced concrete structures is impossible without the use of formwork. And to create individual large-scale projects – the construction of bridge piers, columns, arenas, pits, monolithic buildings of unusual shapes or with curved projections – a functional solution that will not fail is all the more necessary. That is, the formwork used in modern construction must be:

  • robust and reliable to withstand heavy loads;
  • geometrically accurate to achieve the desired result;
  • inexpensive, as it is a consumable material;
  • easy enough to use to avoid mistakes made by less qualified personnel during installation.

Many types of formwork available today are either too expensive or too limited in terms of reliability and geometry. The exception is MiTek wooden formwork, which meets all the requirements.

Formwork frame with Mitek technology

What is Mitek formwork?

Mitek technology is a set of measures aimed at designing and manufacturing supported wooden structures connected by metal toothed plates. The entire process is automated: calculations are carried out using a specialised computer programme, and sawing and assembly are carried out using the appropriate stationary equipment. This makes it possible to:

  • ensure the reliability of structural elements;
  • improve the quality and productivity of construction;
  • create structures of any geometric shape according to original and unusual requests.

The cost of structures is calculated individually, as each object is unique.

An example of the construction of a university lecture hall in Rzeszów (Poland) using Mitek formwork technology: